All levels of training available from puppy to advanced
hunting dogs to hunt tests and field trial dogs

December thru April - Texas

April thru November - Minnesota


Private Lessons


For those who would like to do more of their own training or just need guidance through certain steps, we do offer private lessons.  Sessions are usually an hour and evaluate both your dog and your training techniques.  Each session will end with a homework/action assignment for you to work on before the next lesson. 


Puppy Head Start Program


We do start puppies from our litters for families.  We only have a limited number of spots available from each litter to ensure all puppies get proper attention, socialization, and training.


Puppies are raised in our home and treated as part of our family.  We keep your family engaged in the entire process from selecting and naming your new family member to updates on training and your puppy growing up.


Most puppies spend the first two months working on socialization, house/crate training, bird and gun introduction, and being a good companion.  Then more formal training can begin including on/off lead obedience, collar conditioning, quartering, hold, and basic marking.

Each puppy training program is customized to your family and your end goals. 


Please contact us for more information on the puppy head start program.  Limited to two puppies.


Started Gun Dog/Competitive Prospect Program


We start all training dogs the same way regardless if dog will be a family gun dog or a competitive dog.  All dogs start with formal obedience learning Sit, Heel and Here.  After dogs have mastered commands and fully understand, collar conditioning occurs.  During this process your dog will also be seeing marking drills in the field.


Please contact us for more information on our started programs.


Finished Gun Dog/Hunt Test/Field Trial Program


We build upon the foundation started in the started gun dog program in this advanced training environment.  Dogs will progress through handling drills, blind retrieves, multiple marks, marks through old falls, blinds between marks, and the list goes on.  Dogs will be able to compete at various levels through the training program.  When dogs are ready to compete, we will further discuss options with you.


Please contact us for more information on our advanced programs. 


Day Training


Depending on room and availability, we do offer day training.  Day training participants will watch and ask questions while other dogs run set ups, and then run there dog(s) at the end of each set up after they have learned what factors are causing dogs trouble and how to get the most out of each set up with their dog.  Price will be per dog and any live birds will be extra.


Feel free to visit results page to view past success as well.

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